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Ramona Anderson, Elected MTA Treasurer in October 2005.

The MTA Treasurer will: 

  • Receive, protect, care for, and disburse all MTA funds, and keep an account of the same.

  • Prepare and present a monthly Checking Account Report to the MTA Governance Board.

  • Prepare and present a monthly MTA Budget Report to the MTA Governance Board.

  • Work with the Membership Chair to maintain an accurate financial record of dues collected, payroll deductions, and dues paid.

  • Forward payment of dues to Metro West UniServ and Education Minnesota.

  • Prepare and file form 990 (tax-exempt) with the IRS.

  • Prepare and file form 1099 (miscellaneous income) for individuals paid $600 or more for services performed during the calendar year.

  • Chair the Budget Committee, to prepare the following yearís budget.

  • Request MTA Governance Board approval for expenditures other than budgeted items, and for expenditures that exceed that line itemís budget.

  • Require the countersignature of the President (or Presidentís designee) on all checks made out to the Treasurer.

  • Submit a monthly MTA Budget Report to the Newsletter Editor for publication.

  • Prepare and arrange for an annual audit of MTA financial records.

  • Meet monthly with the Executive Officers.

  • Develop goals with the Executive Officers, to be completed during the year.

  • Attend appropriate training/leadership conferences at the UniServ, state, and national levels.

  • Perform additional duties as deemed necessary or as assigned by the MTA Governance Board and/or the President.            


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