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2008-2009 Teachers’ Rights Representatives

Teachers’ Rights Co-Chairs:  Peggy Glaccum and Jan Nelson, Appointed June 2008.

Teachers’ Rights Representatives:
Deephaven                       Sue Dunn
Groveland                        Kelly Pederson
Excelsior                          Mark Broten
Clear Springs                   Dawn Sailer                         
Scenic Heights                Jonathan Maki

MM-East                            Kieran Monaghan
MM-West                           Peggy Glaccum


An MTA Teachers’ Rights Representative will:                       

  • Maintain strict confidentiality at all times.

  • Attend all MTA Teachers’ Rights meetings as called by the Teachers’ Rights Chair.

  • Share information from Teachers’ Rights meetings with building members.

  • Represent and serve as a “first call for help” for building members who may have contractual, legal, and/or other employment-related concerns.

  • Be aware of building issues and concerns, and advise the Teachers’ Rights Chair.

  • Contact the Teachers’ Rights Chair and/or Education Minnesota Field Staff member immediately regarding criminal investigations to ensure members receive appropriate legal representative and consultation.

  • Work with the MTA Governance Board Building Representative to conduct monthly building-level MTA meetings.

  • Conduct monthly meetings with your building principal and MTA Governance Board Building Representative.

  • Work closely with Teachers’ Rights Chair, in the event of a grievance, to prepare for and attend building grievance hearings in a team partnership with the MTA Governance Board Building Representative.

  • Keep up-to-date on district policies and the Master Agreement.      

  • Attend appropriate training workshops at the local, UniServ, and state levels.

  • Perform additional duties as deemed necessary or as assigned by the MTA Governance Board, the MTA President, and/or the Teachers’ Rights Chair.     



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