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Up Jeri Goodspeed-Gross, Membership Chair 2005-present.

The MTA Membership Chair will: 

  • Update and maintain membership information on new and continuing MTA members and fairshare teachers.

  • Work with the Treasurer to maintain an accurate record of membersí dues.

  • Determine who pays which amounts for dues according to FTEs.

  • Give Treasurer updates as needed on dues to be paid for state, national, and local.

  • Order and organize the annual distribution of state and national membership information.

  • Attend the New Teachers Luncheon, to register new members and answer questions.

  • Sign up new members throughout the year as necessary (new staff, long-term reserves, etc.)

  • Organize folders of information for new members.

  • Distribute the information to the MTA Governance Board Building Representatives, so they can help sign up the new members.

  • Act as the contact person for membership promotion.

  • Notify members of the cost of dues for the year.

  • Answer questions from members on membership status and dues.

  • Provide current building membership rosters, master membership rosters, and fairshare rosters to the MTA Election Committee prior to each election.

  • Work with Human Resources and Payroll personnel to identify reserve teachers, teachers on leave, and former members who have retired or left employment in Minnetonka.

  • Attend appropriate local and state meetings, workshops, and training sessions.

  • Perform additional duties as deemed necessary or as assigned by the MTA Governance Board and/or President.  


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